Very few instances in the world are there that could affect the internet and the digital world as much as the Coronavirus. The natural fallout of the pandemic was lock-down, which was enforced in different parts of the world. Well, the industrial scenario turned pessimistic but the same can’t be said for the digital or the online world. This was a unique situation where businesses went full throttle to use the online world. There was no other way out. Aside from manufacturing and production or the core field jobs, the office jobs could be done online from home with proper…

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that offers cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics, and networking. Virtual machines utilized by Microsoft Azure are customizable, cost-effective, and have better security layers than a physical hardware setup. Azure is used worldwide by leading organizations as it is extremely portable. It allows users to effortlessly move full application environments from one place to another in the cloud or in technical terms we can say it allows migration of an Azure Subscription from one Azure Tenant to an entirely different Azure Tenant. An Azure Tenant is an enterprise-level framework…

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With pandemic, rapid digital transformation, and booming work from home culture, businesses are migrating to the cloud. Irrespective of business type and organization size it is trending globally. Now, the dilemma before organizations is which cloud service to opt. Whether the chosen platform will be successfully adopted by the organization, will it fulfill all organizational needs or how will it affect internal and external factors. Most of the organizations look up to Microsoft Azure as it offers an array of services on a single platform such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Here in this article, we will…

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Though DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE, all three techniques serve the same basic role of managing the development infrastructure but their semantics are different. There are some subtle dissimilarities between all the practices that may seem insignificant but they lay the fact that all of them fulfill diverse business needs. Interpreting those different characteristics is a guide to ensure that the IT team of an organization adopts the appropriate technique and operates efficiently.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a union of development and operations. It is not the only amalgamation of IT operations, individuals, and technology across…

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As social media and other platforms including media in general are being chased under different garbs by different countries, the issue underlying is simple- large scale pornographies that are easily being accessed or falling in the viewport of children.

If we want an unadulterated childhood and right learning at the right age, a comprehensive web scanning machine or infrastructure must be drawn up so that apart from online regulations on porn and illegal content already being tried by these channels, a set of machines scanning the entire web for such content is existent 24*7.

That should be independently working to…

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A typical ML process for training a model is as follows

  • Start with data prepossessing
  • Train the model
  • Evaluate the model
  • Iterate the above steps

These steps are often executed manually by running scripts, notebooks, and applying human judgment to validate the model as successfully trained. After model training for production, the process of training an ML model is more likely to be automated with an ML model training pipeline. This way, the model training can be reviewed, reproduced, tuned, and debugged at any point. …

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The concept of cloud has truly transformed the technology world and so did the increasing rates of digital and cybercrime. To combat this huge loss, cloud services providers, as well as consumers, need to establish intelligence that is capable to perform accurate investigations of cloud activities. Cloud forensics is a sub-domain of digital or computer forensics which deals with investigating and analysing cloud storage and platforms for artefacts/potential digital evidence which consists of user activity, photos, videos, files, etc. It is a cross-discipline domain oscillating between Cloud Computing and Digital Forensics. …

Kubernetes is an open-source container or microservice platform that manages computing, networking, and storage infrastructure workloads. Kubernetes provides a framework to run distributed systems resiliently.

Kubernetes Security Challenges

Kubernetes environment security is a major concern for most organizations. Kubernetes configurations are more complex because of cloud-based multi-environment and hybrid deployments. This increases the chances of human error in system administration and can leave organizations vulnerable to cybersecurity incidents. The Kubernetes security becomes more challenging owing to the distributed and dynamic nature of the Kubernetes cluster

In Feb 2018, Telsa had a cyberattack on its infrastructure due to misconfigured Kubernetes deployment…

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What is DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment?

In the growing, IT industry, delivering quality products and that too with high speed is now important than ever before. For that most of the organization has adopted DevOps automation (development + operation) which helps to scale up this process seamlessly but on the other hand as it directly impacts our customer service and product development, we need to assess this develops automation architecture on day-to-day basis that assessment itself is known as DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment.

Why we need it?

Developing an It product and publishing it is an evolving…

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The personnel ministry order confirmed the three-member task force will include Govind Iyer, consultant at global management consulting group Egon Zehnder, and Pankaj Bansal, co-founder and Group CEO of HR tech company PeopleStrong.

Sometimes I think this coterie of reform masters in India lost the major point of reforms. The goods should be for the public, not only the industry captains. After 30 years of reform mania which BJP pitched as the ultimate panacea to all the evils, it is now turning out to be a nonchalant proposition for the public…

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