Hook is an omnipresent term in India. But the best can be found in the power supply lines. Electric wires and lines in cities are all hooked up, with millions being siphoned off. India has been producing many IITians and doing technological wonders in various fields but the hook ‘ism’…

सत्य शांति स्थापित करता है

Rape, the term is so very horrific that seldom we use them unless the facts are ratified because it means demeaning or animalising of the very thing we call human. Well, reporting needs to be sensitive in such cases. Contrary to that, Indian media does…

The government jobs are restricted and have not opened up to segments wherein there lies the opportunity for creation of crores of jobs.

Hospitality Industry- Very few Government hotels are there overseas, truly representative of the Indian way of Hospitality. Moreover, Government Hospitality industry is restricted to few tourist frothing…

Business should dedicate a portion of their wealth to fund startups: Goyal


PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2021 07:07 PM IST

He suggested that business persons can come together and pool their resources, “may be an initial ₹10,000 crore fund,” which is domestically driven and professionally managed, with no role of government in it.

The point that Mr Piyush Goyal is failing…

  • World Bank Funds for those nations who have been able to alleviate and bring maximum people out of poverty through social programs.
  • A credit report to the countries of their scopes of inter-continental trade which would be based on employment records of their population, the number of people they have…

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