Businesses helping start-ups in India

Abhishek Mitra
1 min readJan 27, 2021

Business should dedicate a portion of their wealth to fund startups: Goyal


PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2021 07:07 PM IST

He suggested that business persons can come together and pool their resources, “may be an initial ₹10,000 crore fund,” which is domestically driven and professionally managed, with no role of government in it.

The point that Mr Piyush Goyal is failing to understand is that CSR is an image-building exercise for any organisation, apart from their belief in ethical responsibility.

Which creates a more demi-god or ethical perception?

Feeding the poor, giving them a place to stay or funding startups. Of course, the primary one provides more perceptual gains in the eyes of the public.

The day starting a start-up holds the same ethical weightage as funding a start-up is a day when we have solved the basic problem of food and education.

Shikshadaan- Mahadaan


But what exponent of ethical-religious belief can be catered through startup funding

“Udyog Daan- Mahadaan”, never heard it or will never hear it till people are well off.

CSR harps on social responsibility and for the perception arising fro that social responsibility to steepen amongst masses, it needs to have a wide appeal based on pre-existent notions.



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