Cause And Effect Essay

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A cause and effect essay discusses a situation or concept, and the effects of such causes. It is a type of expository essay that establishes the interconnection between two events, issues, phenomena, situations, or happenings.

Understanding The Concept Of Cause And Effect Study

The success of these essays depends on the analysis of two events. The study is complete only when we presume some axioms like:

Nothing happens without a cause.

Ex: If a ball is flying in the air, then it is to be assumed that it has a precise cause like someone kicking it into the air.

Any issue or phenomenon is bound to lead to other problems or event in the

broadest sense.

Ex: If the flying ball falls on the ground, it will lead to another event of phenomenon like the ball bouncing back into the air or making a mark on soil or breaking something or falling with force in some hand causing pain.

The effect follows the causes in a predictable manner.

Ex: If you raise your bat to hit the ball, it is predictable that the ball will fly.

The considerable effect can occur from minimal causes. So the cause and

the effect is not very proportional.

Ex: A switch or lever turned on may release all water from the rivers into the dam.

Important points to remember while writing: (H3)

While analyzing the causes, create an exhaustive list of reasons for any event

or issue, rather than jotting down three or four objectives.

All the causes which have a probability of inducing the effect need to be deduced out. Then you can weed out the distant relevant ones and keep the essential purposes.

You must take care of all probable effects of the cause that must be described with emphasis on the major ones.

Cause and effect essay should not be based on personal opinions, perceptions, or beliefs. It needs to carry a rational basis from scratch to end.

Creating A Cause And Effect Essay Outline

Before drafting the essay, you need to draw out a cause and effect essay outline. Below we have provided a simple framework for the piece.

Introduction- It must be attention-grabbing and highlight the background information of the topic and include a thesis statement indicating the causes, effect, or both for the essay.

Body paragraph 1-The Topic sentence (indicating the causes or effect).A detailed explanation of the cause/effect with supporting evidence and examples

Body paragraph 2- The Topic sentence (indicating the causes or effects).A detailed explanation of the cause /effect with supporting evidence and examples

Body paragraph 3: The Topic sentence (indicating the causes or effects).A detailed explanation of the cause /effect with supporting evidence

Conclusion: Restate the thesis statement with the conclusive summary of all crucial points with a concluding sentence.

Critical Factors of A Good Cause and Effect Essay Topic

Understanding the guidelines of a cause and effect essay is essential for completing the paper. It must attract the reader from the very first paragraph. Keep in mind the fundamental principles of selecting a good topic:

Define the causes and effects. Focus on the ideas you plan to cover and their significance. You can also highlight some interrelated subjects.

Excellent concepts that make sense and on which you can express clear thoughts in a precise manner.

Critically the preference of your targeted readers. Write on topics that you think will make a connection with your peers.

Look for reference and keep yourself inspired to create a masterpiece. Read books, follow the works of various authors to find your inspiration.

Choosing The Right Cause And Effect Essay Topic (H2)

Even before outlining, you need to choose a suitable Cause and Essay topic for your paper. You must select a topic from the area which interests you. Ensure that there are ample reference materials to support your primary argument or idea.

Most students find it challenging to choose the correct topic from the available

choices. To help you get started, we have noted a few interesting topics on which

abundant sources are available on the internet.

1. Stress and Anxiety causes mental health problems

2. Exercise is a must for good health

3. Cell Phones harm study

4. Optimism is the route to a healthy life

5. Excellent communication skills better your personality

6. Industrialization is responsible for Global Warming

7. The brand image gets better with CSR activities

8. Distances between partners can create distrust in relationships

9. A sedentary lifestyle is responsible for most diseases

10. Eating habits affect immunity

11. Good grades are a result of taking down proper notes during lectures

12. The one-child policy of China raised China’s living standards

13. AI will reduce jobs

14. Technological development leads to better education

15. Unethical business practice creates social problems

16. Natural disasters are a result of unbridled human greed

17. Being a movie buff affects our mental health

18. Divorces have a terrible effect on a child

19. Parental upbringing decides the relationship between siblings

20. Family vacations improve studies

21. Healthcare system is responsible for the rise in obesity

22. Social impacts of dressing decently

23. Single-sex classrooms create relationship problems later

24. Causes and effects of colonialism

25. Reasons and consequences of a free economy

26. Causes and effects of 9/11 attack

27. Causes and effects of cross-border trade

28. Causes and effects of the spread of Cov-19 Coronavirus

29. Causes and Effect of Globalization

30. Causes and Effect of Obama care

31. Causes and effects of anti-migration policies

32. Causes and Effect of North Korea — America tensions

33. Causes and effects of excessive spending habit

34. Causes and Effect of World War 2

35. Causes and Effect of Cold War

36. Causes and Effect of American Civil war

37. Causes and Effect of Thatcherism

38. Causes and effect of the growth of Islamic fundamentalism

39. Causes and impact of changing trends in cinemas

40. Reasons and consequences of scoring low grades in semesters

41. Influence of the internet on kids

42. Affects of non-profit organizations on various local communities

43. The role of poor quality of water in the healthcare industry

44. Causes & effects of unemployed individuals

45. Inadequate sanitation in the underdeveloped nations

46. The part of mobile devices on the development of business entities

47. The correlation between violent online games and a teenager’s behavior

48. The effects of severe birth control in the UK and US

49. Causes of obesity among teenagers today

50. Purposes & effects of living an underprivileged life

51. “The root of all evil”: identify the reasons behind homelessness & unemployment

52. Ragging & its impact on young mental health

53. “Harry Potter”: Several causes + effects of its success

54. Should girls and boys be forced to study separately?

55. Reasons why many students believe homework is useless

56. Why do most students call history the most boring subject in the curriculum?

57. What are the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform?

58. The way labels like “topper,” “talented,” or “intelligent” affect the minds of young students

59. Causes and effects of turning home pet successful on the internet

60. Consequences of uploading the compromising photographs on the internet

61. Causes and effects of “Harry Potter” replacing “Lord of the Rings.”

62. “Do not miss a match — watch it online!” — is the thrill the same?

63. What are the benefits of using advanced internet services?

64. Does the big list of friends on Facebook guarantee a person’s popularity?

65. Becoming a successful entrepreneur by selling unconventional goods

66. What are the things that can make teenager students laughing out loud?

67. Growth of feminism in between 1960 to 1970

68. Effects of slavery in the US

69. Christianity and the British Empire

70. What are the results of soft drinks on our health?

71. The cultural difference between the United Kingdom and the United States of America

72. Ancient Rome & Ancient Greece: Their contribution to the history

73. The impact of Renaissance and Baroque on modern architecture

74. Newton’s ideas of gravity: His role in the scientific world

75. Do show like “Game of Thrones” has a significant impact on the current generation?



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