DevOps and its benefits

DevOps is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. The organization is very important and running a business. With Cloud Migration being a big first step, businesses need to have an organizational setup in place.

The Benefits of DevOps Collaboration :

Relationships have to be formed in order to have success, especially amongst co-workers. DevOps provides a unique opportunity for different teams to work together on one platform. Teams will work toward common organizational goals, not just their department-specific goals. DevOps facilitates collaboration by breaking down the silos among Dev/Ops/QA teams and encourages them to work together toward a single goal: Creating more value for your organization. Furthermore, people from different departments coming together can spark new ideas and streamline production.

Speed :

It takes a lot of time to test a new product. The operations team is tasked for setting up the testing environment and executing the testing process. DevOps speeds up the pace at which you deliver your software features and modifications through automated testing and integration. In addition, DevOps allows developers to watch the product for any software bugs or fixes throughout its life cycle. A feature in DevOps, Value Stream Mapping, helps you identify production bottlenecks and non-value adding processes.

Innovation :

Business innovation involves brainstorming new ideas and bouncing ideas off of other people. When these ideas turn into reality and are brought to fruition, value is added to a business. Because of the high speed of operations through DevOps, it frees up the developer’s time. So, they can instead spend time experimenting with any additional features or improving the effectiveness of the existing ones. DevOps cultivates and encourages such an environment where the developers are not restricted to a set of inflexible instructions. Projects are always open for innovation


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