Digital Centralised database of estates and land

Abhishek Mitra
2 min readOct 30, 2020

Let's tell the preface. After independence, as a legacy of the British rule, we were left with unequal land and estate holdings, with some entities having hundreds of acres of land and some forced to work as contractual laborers and farmers. After independence, with the passage of the land acts, a ceiling was enforced beyond which no one could own land. Owing to the lack of administrative penetration at that time, those owning land beyond limits, started transferring the land in the name of dubious entities even cats, dogs, and their servants ( from whom they could retrieve those pieces of land at any point in time.) This practice continues even today. Everywhere the lack of administrative penetration can be accorded hugely to the non-immutability of records. If the records are set straight, then administrative execution ( if done with true intent and unbiased) will lead to wonders.

Now for the immutability of records, specifically related to estate and land holdings in India, a centralized blockchain-type system-induced database need to be created. The land is a kind of currency, and hence there is no reason that we can’t induce the same levels of immutability and integrity in records.

For land transfer, property purchase, land conversion, all the records can be loaded onto the central database from the regional database with appropriate documents like

Title Deed
Encumbrance Certificate
Master Plan
House Plan Approval
Agriculture to Non-Agricultural Land Conversion Certificate
Land Use Certificate
No Objection Certificate
Commencement Certificate

The best part is that when blockchain kind of validation is ensured, then validation from multiple parties is involved which reduces the chance of fudging with records.

There is no reason that 1.269 million (mile square of the land)in India cant be documented, upgraded, and provided immutability with some 10 years project or so on. Moreover, the exploited or justified parties would get real-time legal help in citing out the fake entities holding land.



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