Divided Nationalism; Of course New India

Let me tell you a story of India. Revolutionaries came together to liberate their motherland. Now fight for who liberated and who fought even started. Does Mahatma or Jawahar Lal Nehru or Subhash Chandra Bose hold any less importance than Bhagat Singh?. Yes , my dear friend, this land is strange where clans have now got copyright over who contributed to the freedom of their land most and are fighting cats and dogs over it.

Lets see the new India in a new light. Its not India but a conglomerate of bullshit celebrities and people who are now fighting for their clan and the mask is that of the revolutionaries the lands of this country produced. They don’t know even an inch of the sacrifice made by these great leaders, often involved in inter-clan conflict, breaking the thread of the country to the extent unthinkable. Fragile, deceptive yet proud hypocrisy is what I call it.

We have not yet washed away the sins of imperialism (as the communists call it) but yes clan, region, religion realization is at its peak. Every clan sentiment is fueled by ethnic roots and it divides as the past was always different. But lo! people of different regions have come together with their partisan attitudes and narrowed down mentalities to carve the light for new India. An India dipped in the nostalgia of the past and torn apart by internal strife unthinkable, half of the strife emanating from within the country, seasoned and garnished with elements from the countries who then sell their helicopters and arms to our countries. Of course! there are certain common interests of the polity, military and the Indian lobbies in international scenarios that must be catered before anything.

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