Employment Generation For India

Abhishek Mitra
3 min readFeb 18, 2021


The government jobs are restricted and have not opened up to segments wherein there lies the opportunity for creation of crores of jobs.

Hospitality Industry- Very few Government hotels are there overseas, truly representative of the Indian way of Hospitality. Moreover, Government Hospitality industry is restricted to few tourist frothing areas in the form of Yatri Niwas, not all the tourist areas and hot spots. Lakhs of jobs can be created in this field.

Real Estate- Except affordable housing projects, Government doesn’t invest in billion dollars construction projects, specifically world class malls, or class apart real estate construction for elite. This is an earning sector.

Community Rest Rooms- There are very few rest rooms in India. Government sponsored subsidized dormitories are lacking in all major towns and cities. Paid dormitories in every city ,specifically government owned is lacking.

Commercial capital on the eastern side- The entire eastern coastline is devoid of the commerce it can support. Creating a second commercial capital on the Eastern side, so that the coastline benefits of trade can be harnessed and the Eastern coastline caters to more of business activities is necessary. This would create security for the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and a maritime East Asian trade route can be carved.

Export- There are various avenues of export which has yet not been catered in the country. It is required to set up free export advisory bodies at various places which would assist the producers export their products who don’t have any knowledge of exports. Training councils need to be established in that manner controlled by DGFT.

IT precedes all the businesses- Apart from the silicon valley kind of infrastructure in South India,the same needs to be established near West and in the Eastern side.

Government owned distilleries- Revival of all government distilleries across the country is a must.

Mobility- Government needs to invest heavily in mobility solutions as these are the most remunerative. The older ones need to be brought up. The loss making ones need to be pulled up through proper private management employed on a contractual basis to bring the mobile companies up.

Luxury Cars- The royal flavor emanates when you produce a quality so elitist and charge a premium price. Government needs to generate jobs in luxury cars segment bringing a brand like Rolls Royce.

Watches- Fit-bits and other watches production must be started. HMT watches and other such state and government owned watch companies must be started.

For all the loss making units of Government, a turnaround time should be set. The management should be provided to private players but there should be no divestment of organization. A contractual private management entry is better rather than divesting a unit which involves the lives of so many workers.

Complete debt recovery from the industry by 2050 must be planned. The past two decades saw competitiveness entering every sector. The problem with government industries is the bureaucratic structure and corruption marring the growth. The solution is not divestment but handing over the management functions to contractual private players on a mutual interest basis. Bidding or contractual management is better than privatization or divestment of government units. The nitty -gritty needs to be worked out of the same.

There are basically hundreds of segments where crores of jobs can be enacted. A fact finding and job research committee must be formed and employed. This task force needs to provide government with feasible segments and job opportunities to the tune of crores. India needs at least 25 crore new jobs created by the end of next 5–10 years. Rest, the private sector needs to be provided with stimulus to make everyone employable in India.



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