How Facebook has changed in the past few years?

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The time when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, he seldom thought that the coming years would be so happening. At Harvard, he was nearly expelled and was charged with the breach of security, violating copyrights, and infringing on individual privacy.

Facebook will pay a record $5bn fine to settle privacy concerns, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has said.”- BBC News — 24rth July 2019.

Well, the times have changed and it has been a long number of years since Zuckerberg got out of Harvard but Facebook is still mired in the same kind of conflict. Last few years, Facebook has gone through many a storm. This all started with the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, a sensational story of sleaze, political opportunism, and one that shook the fundamentals of all social media platforms. It was argued that the data of some 50 million people was harvested and used without the prior consent of those people. While the charges were refuted and to date, we don't know the exact truth but one thing was for sure- Facebook had to bite some hard nuts.

Next, the conflict of fake accounts came into question as many such accounts were used for political manoeuvering and illegal activities. It was assessed that a parallel economy of fake accounts was there, creating a credibility trust in Facebook. Facebook purged near about 30,000 fake accounts in April 2017.

Now, came the third shock. Facebook announced that it would move 80% of its feed to family and friends ( a long time cherished dream of Zuckerberg, the thing for which Facebook was actually started). Stocks tumbled overnight with Facebook recording huge losses. As Facebook had become a growing business medium, this news came as a thunderbolt for all the businesses logged on to Facebook.

The last few years also saw Mark Zuckerberg getting an honorary Harvard degree after so many years of dropping out. So these few years were quite happening.

Let's get to the speeches given by Zuckerberg at times

“ I taught them lessons on product development and marketing, and they taught me what it’s like feeling targeted for your race and having a family member in prison. I shared stories from my time in school, and they shared their hope of one day going to college too. For five years now, I’ve been having dinner with those kids every month. One of them threw me and Priscilla our first baby shower. And next year they’re going to college. Every one of them. First in their families.”

Now let’s get to the news from USA News Today

“Black activists say hate speech policies and content moderation systems formulated by a company built by and dominated by white men fail the very people Facebook claims it’s trying to protect.”

According to NBC News Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security chief was accused of racist comments. The company was involved in much such news of racist overtures. So, the personal vision of Zuckerberg was not matching with the news coming from the company.

People are expecting more data security, more of Facebook’s multi-racial philosophy, and more from Zuckerberg’s next initiative to connect the world, without hatred being spread.

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