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Abhishek Mitra
3 min readJun 6, 2021


Source: Hindustan Times

You must be wondering who these people on the list are. So, read this excerpt.

“Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra on Sunday shared the details of West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar’s OSDs (Officer on special duty) and claimed that all his OSDs are somehow related to him, or from his known circle. Calling it his “extended family”, the MP said the removal of the Governor along with his coterie of people can only improve the “grim situation” of the state. The allegation follows Governor Dhankhar’s tweet expressing concern over the law and order situation of the state. The Governor has called chief secretary HK Dwivedi, newly appointed after Alapan Bandopadhyay row, on June 7 to take stock of the action taken to contain post-poll violence.”

I am not going to discuss whether that has been truly done or not but I would like to initiate discussion of making government offices, a natural place of favouritism and benefit for the friends, family and other relations of the one holding authority.

Well, in my country, the land that was once the abode of the most ideal family, Lord Ram has retained its essence, especially in North India and the Hindi heartland, albeit in a different way. Once, anyone reaches a higher position in the Government office, he would bring all his near and dear ones, no not the near and dear ones in the workplace, but the near and dear ones from his village, family and others in higher places and get them promoted so that at the end, the Government official feels like family or staying in one’s village at one’s office or workplace. Yes, such questions are not raised anymore as it has become a norm in the states. It is a norm now to favour people of your caste, religion, clan, village, family and others. The casualty is the institution that forms the Government. People have simply stopped raising questions. An honest person would feel deranged and suffocated, sometimes turning anti-social in disgust.

After more than 60 years of independence, we often think whether we did a mistake forcing a modern constitution down the throat of people whose mind had yet not been baked to accept something beyond the way of life that they followed. Is it not time to search where we have gone wrong in making our society and strive for a structure that truly resonates with the need of society?

Is it not the time to go through our constitution once again and see where we have faltered?

Is it not time to shun the Western model of governance?

The views are purely my own and not meant to demean anyone or anybody.



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