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A proposal essay proposes any idea and then provides supporting facts, arguments, and others to convince the readers of the validity of the idea.

The proposal can be of any field. It can be a business proposal or proposals for any academic field or scientific area of study. This particular essay genre requires you to choose a pressing problem that interests you and provide a solution to it. The common elements of a proposal essay include:

1. A claim- where you propose a novel solution or idea to the selected problem or need, ensuring that the solution or idea resonates with the audience you are addressing.

2. Evidence- provides evidence to prove why your solution or proposal is fit for resolving the situation or problem.

3. Discussion and other proposals- Here you need to discuss how your proposal better fits in comparison to other proposals and what are the strengths in your proposal along with a justifiable conclusion.

Parts of a Proposal Essay

The proposal essay can be divided into six crucial segments. Let’s take a look at them for insights and references.

1. Introduction

Here you introduce the topic, briefly explaining why the topic is important. You start with a grabbing hook, clearly stating the problem in the topic and providing the context for further discussion.

In this portion, you highlight the problem that you think your proposal would solve.

2. Presenting the proposal

This section should contain what your proposal is or what is your idea or project to solve the problem in question.

3. The action plan

This section establishes your credibility as an expert to solve the problem and explains how you would go about carrying out the proposal.

You need to clearly detail out how the process will work, covering 360 degrees of the problem.

4. Possible outcome of the action plan

Here you need to list out the goals to be attained through your proposal.

5. Resources required

Here you need to state the requirements and materials for executing your proposal.

6. Conclusion

Here, you need to conclude by summarizing all the points of how your proposal addresses the problem and add call-to-action with a little discussion.

100 Unique Proposal Essay Topics

Developing interactive proposal essay topics can be challenging at times. You may refer to this list containing 100 interactive and unique topics, and develop similar slants in your original composition.

Here you go.

1. Good ways to drive out the balance between academic and personal life

2. Integrating technology into education

3. Motivating yourself for studies

4. Most important activities to do during adolescence

5. Saving money when in college

6. Planning post-graduate education

7. Enhancing professional skills for college students

8. Advantages of lifelong learning

9. Trusting your child; why it is important

10. Good upbringing precursor to good relationships

11. Tips for planning your homework

12. Increasing memory power

13. Starting a business when in college

14. Maintaining a physical fitness schedule

15. Developing cognitive skills through technology

16. Integrating AR/VR in school studies

17. Using online discussion forums to build social skills

18. Modifications needed in our education system

19. Open-source platforms to help learn programming

20. How should schools apply learning theories?

21. Driving out gender balance in schools

22. Dealing with illegal immigration

23. Improving the voting system of the country

24. Things to be done to lower national debt

25. Regulating the oil prices; means and methods

26. What parents can teach their child about money?

27. Effective means to combat climate change

28. Effective means to reduce pollution

29. Means to encourage women in the STEM field?

30. Steps to improve cancer research

31. Using nanotechnology for irrecoverable diseases

32. Using genome projects for preserving ecosystems

33. Tracking the growth of diseases in society

34. Addressing childhood obesity

35. Addressing the alcohol and drug problem in society

36. Tracking and eliminating cyberbullying

37. Improving cybersecurity measures for schools

38. Reducing the dependence on technology for the child.

39. Reducing homelessness in the US

40. How to take better care of elders?

41. Racial tendencies in America

42. Peace in the Middle East; Constructive role the western nations can play

43. How can we deliver telepathic and psychic skills?

44. How to improve sleeping habits?

45. How can teachers identify signs of bullying in class or school/college premises?

46. What should be done to increase the funding for COVID-19 treatment and cure?

47. Is there a permanent solution to keeping the negative consequences of plastic bags at bay?

48. How can countries embrace the use of CNG-driven vehicles effectively?

49. Do you think teachers these days are overly dependent on technological advancements?

50. Is there a correlation between traditional family values and bread and circus family culture?

51. Should employees have the right to use private emails during office hours?

52. What remedial measures can be taken to fight off the odds of global warming once and for all?

53. What can better ways the government embrace to handle illegal immigration?

54. Should we already gear up to face the next economic crisis across the world? What measures can be taken to combat it?

55. Gauging the transition from 60s to 90s fashion statement

56. What permanent solution can be deduced to eliminate unemployment among youth?

57. What measures can be embraced to make all electoral campaigns effective?

58. The impact of 80s revolutionary music culture on the U.S. and other major countries around the world

59. Should hunting be treated as a heinous crime and strictly prohibited worldwide?

60. What effective measures should be taken to lower the national debt and other similar crises?

61. How can art and music be utilized in election campaigns?

62. What effective E-commerce strategies can be implemented to attract new or young customers?

63. Suggest effective ideas and campaigns engage more holistic nurses at work

64. What training programs can be designed and launched to improve relationships between doctors and patients?

65. Simple yet effective ways to end the debate on cultural profiling and to stereotyping

66. What possible outcomes of World War III could make an impact on the global economy, health, and lifestyle?

67. What are the best solutions for overcoming religious discrimination and racial remarks?

68. What are the problems in our society that are caused by government intervention? Suggest effective measures to confront the same

69. How can someone make this planet more sustainable for wild animals?

70. Suggest effective measures to save and nurture floras and faunas on the earth’s surface

71. Has technology changed the way businesses used to work earlier? What should be done to improve the scenario further?

72. Video games bring negative impacts on human brains; do you have a better alternative to suggest?

73. What recommendations should be followed to treat post-traumatic disorder victims?

74. Is there a major correlation between climate change and global warming?

75. Smartphone devices and computers have made things more complicated for us? Do you agree with it? What effective alternatives will you suggest?

76. What can be done to preach people to practice social distancing in an effective manner?

77. State your views and propose ideas to establish the relationship between globalization and democratization

78. Should there be limitations imposed on the ownership of private properties?

79. Can anything be done to alter personal traits in humans? Suggest or propose helpful ideas?

80. What format should personal grooming managers follow for effective outcomes?

81. Do you believe that music can stop violence and wars? If yes, then how?

82. Should the government be more proactive in investing in more funds and grants for the upcoming musicians, writers, and painters?

83. Do people’s personalities pre-determine their violent mindset? If yes, then what measures will you suggest to combat such odds?

84. How can schools and colleges better understand and promote lessons in different languages and learning styles?

85. What should governments do to lower the incarceration rate?

86. What effective programs do you suggest to curb the use of illegal drugs?

87. Think from a parent’s perspective and suggest ways how you would teach your children to learn lessons in an interactive way?

88. How can teachers around the world encourage more women to enter the realm of STEM teaching methodology

89. What should be the most effective way for parents to teach their children to develop a sense of empathy and kindness towards others?

90. In what ways can linguistic courses around the world be improved?

91. How can parents help their children deal with bullying in schools and colleges?

92. How can we reduce our dependence on technology for better living?

93. What are the ways coaches should embrace to encourage more athletic sports around the world?

94. What can be done to prevent media from intervening in the personal affairs of celebrities?

95. How do you look at the impact of gender roles on Victorian society?

96. What events and catastrophes led to the downfall of the Roman Empire?

97. Do you think rap music influence teenagers in a negative way?

98. How to protect against identity theft on online forums?

99. Can media improve its ideas of covering sports on television?

100. Should children be taught about becoming morally responsible on the internet?

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