Steps to reduce inequality in the world

Abhishek Mitra
2 min readJan 26, 2021
  • World Bank Funds for those nations who have been able to alleviate and bring maximum people out of poverty through social programs.
  • A credit report to the countries of their scopes of inter-continental trade which would be based on employment records of their population, the number of people they have been able to pull out of poverty.
  • Devising equity index
  • Devising diversity index, that is the inclusiveness of countries for various ethnicities, religious groups, ideological groups and so on.
  • Providing a more logical and impartial stand to the issue of human rights.
  • Devising religious harmony index ( number of people affected in communal clashes and so on) alongside religious freedom index.
  • A specific number of seats reserved in different international bodies for women. The seats allotted to those countries which have shown maximum improvement in women’s rights( index needs to be devised for the same)
  • International body to look into outsourcing of jobs and others.
  • More assistance to countries which have been able to keep their population in control
  • More international funds to countries which have been able to get involved in the least number of wars. That way we would be giving chances of diplomacy and other peace efforts. It would just be like serving incentives for peace.
  • Intermediary group of scientists from across the world for producing vaccines and medicines for any pandemic ( Being pandemic ready). The medicines should be provided at subsidised costs.
  • Food, Home and Education security bill to be enforced across all lands, irrespective of countries. ( that should be mandatory). All CSR activities of organisations should be confined to this. The CSR funds must be diverted to the basic social cause in the world. Creating a legislative framework of CSR activities that would provide repute to any organisation is must.
  • Keeping a target to recycle at least 75% of wastes in all countries.
  • Keeping a target of greening the earth, selecting vast stretches of free places and spots for the same.
  • Foodgrain purchase and selling price to be fixed and middlemen need to be negated.
  • Bringing an end to the curse of hoarding.
  • More quality assurance of products, specifically in the food and beverages industry.
  • Opening up export options for farmers of the country to other lands.
  • Incentivising education
  • Medical prescription drugs to be subsidised for the reach of all
  • Freeing up businesses from beauracratic shackles and aligning them in a manner that with their growth, social goals are automatically attained.
  • Inter-religious bodies to be brought on a Universal Platform

The countries should be allowed to attain these objectives in their own ideological, religious and territorial framework.



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