The Changed Digital World in the wake of Coronavirus Pandemic

Very few instances in the world are there that could affect the internet and the digital world as much as the Coronavirus. The natural fallout of the pandemic was lock-down, which was enforced in different parts of the world. Well, the industrial scenario turned pessimistic but the same can’t be said for the digital or the online world. This was a unique situation where businesses went full throttle to use the online world. There was no other way out. Aside from manufacturing and production or the core field jobs, the office jobs could be done online from home with proper checks and communications by the management. Invigilation of the employee’s presence online was tracked through team viewers and other such employee productivity tracking software. Rest online group meetings became the norm of the day.

With people in different parts of the world immersed online, search engines like Google, Bing, and the email service providers were on cloud nine. Never in history, so much of online activity was registered. Certain sectors reaped huge profits during this time like the Ed-Tech sector. Online tutoring boomed as no student could risk physically going to tutor, and in the absence of schools, virtual education was the only way out.

Likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime and other entertainment media channels also gained viewership.

Well, online activity was not only limited to this. Order from home services like Swiggy and Zomato also had their laugh, and the order bookings went up. While the manufacturing and the production sectors are registering lows, the service sector, especially those whose main transactions are online, are registering handsome growth.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and others had a good chance to penetrate deeper into the market. Ya, except for Tik Tok, social media platforms have earned well. With no means to meet physically in groups, online socializing grew at a tremendous rate. According to psychiatrists, this would lead to abnormal social psychology perennially steeped in people, if extended long.

Psychological counseling also changed as most of the counseling these days are done online on chats or video meets. Marketing and sales are also acquiring new dimensions, and the possibilities of online sales are being tapped in even conventional organizations that had long been involved in physical brick motor facilities for sale. Well, the pandemic limitation has geared many thought leaders in different fields, and of course, lives and organizations will find their way out.

Abhishek Mitra

LexiConn Content Services



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Abhishek Mitra

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