The Great Indian Hook

Abhishek Mitra
2 min readDec 28, 2021


Hook is an omnipresent term in India. But the best can be found in the power supply lines. Electric wires and lines in cities are all hooked up, with millions being siphoned off. India has been producing many IITians and doing technological wonders in various fields but the hook ‘ism’ seldom go away. Actually, it has got so intertwined with our country’s culture that we cant hope to have clear electrical transmission grids and lines

I would write specifically about the electric power supplies. You would be astounded to know that millions are siphoned off through the hooks on transmission lines .

According to Economic Times

“ New Delhi: India’s transmission and distribution (T&D) losses in the power sector are “substantial” and are very high compared to peer nations, flagged the Economic Survey for 2020–21. The T&D losses represent electricity that is generated but does not reach intended customers.

India’s T&D losses have been over 20 per cent of generation, which is more than twice the world average. The ideal level of T&D losses ranges between six to eight per cent.”

The reason is simple and any Indian knows it.

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Now, after facing subsequent losses what will the government do. Privatise the power sector. Well, the hands of the lobbies forwarding that proposal would be greased with money and for well to do people even it would be better, as even if they have to pay high, they would be getting more electricity in their homes.

Strange, but not seen in other countries, a complete market of shops are run on these hooks, without paying any electric charges to the government.

The electrical transformers procured are often sub-standard resulting in their exploding and others, quite a common thing in India.

What needs to be done is just a continuous surveillance of the power lines, given that corruption has hooked itself on to the even electrical transmission lines. But what the government does?

Sell them to hide their own inefficiency of administration.

Yes, we have not driven the lines below the earth and still the clear skies look ugly with these transmission lines appearing as a cobweb of hooked wires.

Corruption my friend ate away half of the country.

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