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3 min readFeb 14, 2021


Have you been living two lives?

One where you are very punctual in office, a bit strict, a bit bossy,engaged in no-nonsense work, time bound and in contrary you become a cuddling husband or a soft wife who would take loads of shit from children or the partner. Maybe you are dealing with one of the most stressful times in office but at home you need to appear relaxed and happy to family and children. If you have been living this life, at one point or other point of time you will find a breakdown since you are trying to live two types of lives in one life.

So, what’s the solution?

How can you live your self irrespective of the criticism that is bound to follow?

I have mentioned few methods which is properly applied can allow you to manage the two roles seamlessly.

  1. Take out 1–2 hours of time away from family, friends, office colleagues and others.

Now, what do you do in those two hours.

  1. Often times during hectic schedule , we tend to forget out health, that multiplies the stress. So during these two hours , you need to get into a dark room and remember all that happened during the day, laugh aloud, cry and try to be as expressive of the office emotions as possible. Think all that happened in every details. Shout out in-front of a mirror to all those who have hurt you during the day. Expletives are always welcome when no one enters your room.
  2. Next, drink two to three glasses of water after this. Take deep breaths and meditate for sometimes.
  3. Listen to a favorite music of yours-Music has a great therapeutic value that sublimes your character and elevates your mood.
  4. Detox your feet- Make lukewarm water. Pour some herbs and oil and dip the feet in it for half an hour, all in a dark room. Often times the sensory things if addressed can relieve you. So, caress yourself. God has given everyone the full right to love themselves.
  5. Wash your eyes with a lot of water.
  6. Keep some fruits and herbs in your room specifically apples, grapes, and ginseng extract. Take few slices of fruits and mix the ginseng powder in water and drink it.
  7. Then watch a video of your kids and your partner and visualize yourself in midst of them. Let out all your emotions at that time even if it means going through some instances of sadness, some joyous moment and so on.

8. Visualize yourself as a child and the things you wanted to do.

After having done all this in a dimly lit, silent room, alone, go out and start fending your family. This is basically an orientation where you leave office and enter your personal life.

Try doing this for at least 15 days and the quality of your workplace and personal life both would improve multiple times. If not 2 hours, you can at-least try to take out 1 hour for yourself doing this. Let your family know that this is a therapy session suggested by someone worthwhile and that they shouldn't disturb you in this 1 hour.

Best of luck with your managing the marathon run called life!!!



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