Where did our media fail?

Abhishek Mitra
2 min readJun 6, 2021
सत्य शांति स्थापित करता है

Rape, the term is so very horrific that seldom we use them unless the facts are ratified because it means demeaning or animalising of the very thing we call human. Well, reporting needs to be sensitive in such cases. Contrary to that, Indian media does what it can be said bringing the best sensation or leverage out of such issues even. And, since our population can even compromise on their basic rights, half of them not knowing what their rights are, such cases are widely prevalent. Running with a camera after the victim, making the already hellish life of the victim a little more hellish is what the media excels in.

China bashing. I would be very true. This time after Coronavirus or even in the midst of it, China tried to extend a hand of friendship to India after some 40 years or so. Lest Indian media was out bashing China for every reason. Well, this did not start with Covid but had extended long before after the 1964 war. The Chinese media maintained restraint in bashing but restraint is a word alien to Indian media. Actually Western support and American support got to our head.

The maxim “ you can’t choose your neighbours went into thin air”. The Galwan was more an episode of incessant Indian media bashing and the threat perceptions on both sides amplified 10X times by media. Even when the whole world suspected China of spreading the virus, the media of the world maintained restraint, be it America or the West.

But for us, things were different. Even before Galwan happened, we had gone into war mode. The threat perception on both sides was so much amplified by frenzied media that one side was bound to step limits.

Even before Galwan, our arms capabilities were being shown and how it could destroy China in minutes in various sections of media. If one studies China, it moves forward to nullify threat and then moves back to its original line of control. The threat perception like 1964 was heightened from various corners for both sides.

None in the quarters cared about the cost of the war to the nation or how we are going to survive the war in a pandemic situation, where already our economic size is shrinking. Irrespective of ideological differences, countries have co-existed, irrespective of religious difference, countries have co-existed. We need to walk the long path in understanding our responsibilities and how it affects our nation.

Religion- Any sane person would say that a major section of our media needs to be sensitive on religious aspects so that fires don't flare up. Report the truth but without the spices and add ons in such cases. Well, that never happened. We have Christians, Hindus, Muslims all staying in our country, seldom does the media understand. This is purely my personal opinion as a Hindu guy.



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