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I worked with an organization that believed in high volumes, be it the level of content being published, be it the offers being provided, be it the campaigns being served to the audience. No wonder, it was doing well, but one thing it lacked was standardization. Think, how many content pieces you go through every day. Do you even care to give a second to them?. No. But one content attracts you to the extent that you spend some hours on it. Why?. Because you see a value for yourself in it. …

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Very few instances in the world are there that could affect the internet and the digital world as much as the Coronavirus. The natural fallout of the pandemic was lock-down, which was enforced in different parts of the world. Well, the industrial scenario turned pessimistic but the same can’t be said for the digital or the online world. This was a unique situation where businesses went full throttle to use the online world. There was no other way out. Aside from manufacturing and production or the core field jobs, the office jobs could be done online from home with proper…

The government jobs are restricted and have not opened up to segments wherein there lies the opportunity for creation of crores of jobs.

Hospitality Industry- Very few Government hotels are there overseas, truly representative of the Indian way of Hospitality. Moreover, Government Hospitality industry is restricted to few tourist frothing areas in the form of Yatri Niwas, not all the tourist areas and hot spots. Lakhs of jobs can be created in this field.

Real Estate- Except affordable housing projects, Government doesn’t invest in billion dollars construction projects, specifically world class malls, or class apart real estate construction for elite…

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To ace the green objective , how the environment and forestry department should set the goals.

This is 2021. The population of the country is 136.64 crores

( For every person of the country to get fresh supply of oxygen 24 hours, the number of plants .

  • Scientists estimate a safe oxygen consumption of 50 liters per hour for a human. Meanwhile, a leaf gives off about five milliliters of oxygen per hour. A person would need to be in a room with about ten thousand leaves. About 300 to 500 plants would produce the right amount of oxygen…

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Have you been living two lives?

One where you are very punctual in office, a bit strict, a bit bossy,engaged in no-nonsense work, time bound and in contrary you become a cuddling husband or a soft wife who would take loads of shit from children or the partner. Maybe you are dealing with one of the most stressful times in office but at home you need to appear relaxed and happy to family and children. …

Proximity- The gestalt principle of proximity proposes that we tend to group elements on the screen which are close to each others.

In the below screenshot, the elements have been grouped into two groups in a manner the users will group it, while reading. The main focus should be that the elements of the group should have higher levels of interrelation amongst themselves than elements of the other group. The more the proximity of the elements, the more they have a chance to fall in a group wile users visually segregate the content while reading.

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Which of the below excerpts…

Business should dedicate a portion of their wealth to fund startups: Goyal


PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2021 07:07 PM IST

He suggested that business persons can come together and pool their resources, “may be an initial ₹10,000 crore fund,” which is domestically driven and professionally managed, with no role of government in it.

The point that Mr Piyush Goyal is failing to understand is that CSR is an image-building exercise for any organisation, apart from their belief in ethical responsibility.

Which creates a more demi-god or ethical perception?

Feeding the poor, giving them a place to stay or funding startups. …

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  • World Bank Funds for those nations who have been able to alleviate and bring maximum people out of poverty through social programs.
  • A credit report to the countries of their scopes of inter-continental trade which would be based on employment records of their population, the number of people they have been able to pull out of poverty.
  • Devising equity index
  • Devising diversity index, that is the inclusiveness of countries for various ethnicities, religious groups, ideological groups and so on.
  • Providing a more logical and impartial stand to the issue of human rights.
  • Devising religious harmony index ( number of people…

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‘‘I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in human beings.” Pearl S. Buck

‘‘I just can’t believe the way people are. What is it with humanity? What kind of a world do we live in?” George from the TV sitcom, Seinfield

The Scorpions’ song ‘‘Humanity” curses humanity as an insane, purposeless, and fruitless ‘‘drop in the rain”; ATB’s song on humanity expresses it as kindness, care, and love, desiring to be ‘‘wrapped in your humanity.” Well, every philosopher has tried to define humanity but can humanity be defined? …

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ccTLDs or country-code TLDs show visitors the country in which the website was registered or the country or region for which the website is intended.

Ex: ( France) ( United Kingdom) ( European Union)

ccTLDs show to the search engines that the website content is meant for a specific country or region.

How it helps SEO?

If your product/service is meant for a specific region or country, ccTLDs are very useful as they help you rank in the SERP of the searches in those countries.

Example: I just typed in washing machine+UK. The search results show

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